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Pilot Project for Teaching in English

The Industrial Engineering School of Badajoz (University of Extremadura) is at present teaching several technical subjects in English, under the "UEx Bilingual Pilot Project - Learn in English" started in 2015 in our University.

Currently, our School is offering 7 subjects from the syllabus of the 4-year degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Automatic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. There are 2 more subjects this year than in the previous edition and they are taught both in Spanish and in English. The students can choose the language they prefer.

For Spanish students, this is an opportunity for them to become familiarized with the technical and professional language that they are likely to encounter after graduation. The subjects passed in English will be recognized as a merit in the European Degree Supplement.

On the international front, the offer of English courses is intended as an incentive to increase the number of incoming university students from other countries.

In the menu on the left, a link to the study plan is available. There one can find the courses offered in English, as well as the corresponding lecturers and their subject areas.